October 5, 2017

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since we last chatted here on the blog. In a blink of an eye we are in the month of October already and soon we will hear fireworks for 2018! What better time than now to recollect the many things and events we are very grateful for this year. So! enjoy this post, mind you its as raw as sushi, it came straight from the heart!

Let’s wind it back to the beginning of this year. We ushered in our second year as Flint and Steel with thankful hearts. The last year as Flint and Steel gave us so many wonderful opportunities to do some really cool things, brought us to great places, encountered inspiring and kind souls, made life-long friends and seen the endless possibilities there is in the world!

As we counted all the blessings 2016 has brought us, we decided that 2017 was the year to be rooted, to be part of awakening the art community in our very own hometown, Kuching. It’s been 10 eventful months and we feel very lucky to belong here in this very lively and gracious little town.

One of the things we carry very close to our hearts this year is to preserve purity and love in all that we do. There is nothing more powerful than being bold to pursue our individual callings, continuing to be eager to challenge our best, keeping our motivations solid and aspiring to make positive changes in order to enjoy an ordered and whole soul, while having our loved ones close by our side when it is difficult.

They say life is a box of chocolates. This year felt like a platter of beautiful flavours waiting to be tasted. Just when we thought we were done with one year of being in the business and we might get to chill from the crazy horror of first-times, we find ourselves in a sequel of more challenges and more uncomfortable first times. This year, we became 'teachers’, and done it 14 times ever since. We hosted 14 different workshops and coordinated 3 major events at Flint and Steel to date. And its great. We’ve fallen in love with meeting new people from all walks of life. We’ve learnt to draw energy and life from the people we meet and we look forward to make more empowering and edifying friendships. This goes to show that life is a long process of discovery and so we should never be complaisant and satisfied but eager to find the next beautiful surprise that is in store for us while maintaining the best attitude possible.

As we arrive at the last quarter of the year, it is yet again time to wind down, go on some exciting holidays and end the year strong. At this time, it is also customary to set the attitude and dream big for the coming year and for us at Flint and Steel, that is usually summed up in our designs and the title for our new planner! The title of our new planners is ‘Born For This’, inspired by a story that we were told as little girls of an exile who became Queen, and finally saved the lives of her people. If you are observant, you will find that our new planner is unlike any other Flint and Steel products. While we stay true to our timeless layouts, we have gone POP, and bright and fun! We even made stickers to go with it! Its epic! We strongly correlate that to our many kid-activities this year! (We also made Limited Edition #bornforthisbyFS tshirts! Planners and Tshirts are available on our online store!)

Just like our brand new planner, the coming year is looking bright and fresh for us. And though we can be sure as ever that challenges and first-times will remain as a huge part of it, we can't wait dive in! 


There are indeed no coincidences and everything happens as life’s way of steering us in the direction of making the difference we were born to make. It is our responsibility to find our purpose and to pursue it, and live a life with no regrets.

Its time to live! What are you born for?


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