October 1, 2017

Kuching’s first ever Junior Art Market jointly organized by Flint and Steel Borneo and AVL Art hosted over 14 local art startups, 20 Junior vendors from as young as 4-11 years old.

It was such a magical sunny Saturday afternoon. The Granary was decked unusually in bright colored balloons, buntings and high spirits. It was a full house. The zesty young entrepreneurs lined the hallway with cute little booths that are not to be missed while they charmed the market visitors with their compelling entrepreneurial sales pitches and pulled never-seen-before marketing stunts. The level of confidence exuded by the little entrepreneurs on-duty truly made us proud.

It was clear that they have been working hard at home creating spell-binding masterpieces that were showcased at their respective booths. Each booth was worth stopping for as each one of them brought something different and unique to the market. From magic frogs, to love batteries, dragon seeds, magical wands, plushed fishes, rock magnets, painted tote bags and abstract art, each product tells a different and intriguing story of its own, giving away tiny clues of what goes on in their fantastical little minds.

It is no surprise that they had a fruitful afternoon, some of them even sold out as early as 4.30pm, and even had backorders after selling out! The young entrepreneurs were very proud of their well-deserved earnings and have each their own plans on how they would spend it. But mostly, they set off shopping around the market as soon as they made their first sale! 

Workshops by Mary Anne Vaz and Natasha was a hit! Floral crowns at Tacha by Tachabinyas workshop booth sold out way too quickly, the little ones were parading their handmade crowns all around the market!

Apart from that, we were pleasure to have SAGYMA and AG Melody entertain us with top performances which everyone enjoyed so much.

Being at the Junior Art Market definitely felt out of this world for a whole afternoon and we definitely felt young again! It was a truly beautiful day we will never want to forget!


Look out for the next one, we are definitely doing this again!


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