Learn From The Children

September 26, 2017

 ​​(Artwork by Niamh Wong, 5 years old)


This painting by a 5 year old can have an almost hypnotic effect on a grown up like me. I got the opportunity to watch her paint, and it was bliss in fullest. You can make mesmerizing things very modestly when you embody freedom. You look at this painting, and you see what true freedom is. There are no rules to the shapes, colors, and structure. Every stroke comes from the heart on a spur of that moment. And its great.


This year, I thank God for the many precious opportunities that I get to work with kids. For far too long I've been too caught up with being a grown-up and it's complicated. I feel the need to be like this, do this, or that, this way, that way, constantly bombarded with the pressure to get it right and live up to the expectations of others.


Being around kids puts me in such a bright place. They inspire me so much by just being themselves. Their simplicity, innocence, and fearlessness have stretched my perspectives and inspire me every time. The energy they possess – that burst of passion that only lasted for 5 minutes, being unapologetic about their curiosity, their openness, honesty and rawness always makes me see the basic things we lack as adults. Their eagerness to share the things they see through their eyes and fantastical minds makes me see how much our minds and creativity have been constraint by theories and insecurities.


People  always say that in order to be great, you must first of all have a mind of a child. I agree.

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