April 29, 2016

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we too, did our part in honouring our mum! We are so proud of her and it's great that we are able to honour the woman she is and share a little bit of her with the world! 


Truth to be told, the process of preparing this range of cards was bittersweet for us. We're missing our Queen so much more this Mother's Day but it is heartwarming to remember her as all of the above! It's funny how missing a person can be a beautiful thing. When you miss a person, everything about them become so precious. The best of the best memories are sent straight on to replay mode. And over time, even the not so good memories don’t seem so bad any more. You are able to think of them with a smile.


It may be two years since my mum has passed on, but the memories of her are ever so fresh and alive. Every day, we will still find things that trigger memories of mom. When we watch The Voice, I can still hear the kitchen door close and see her walking into the living room with pink guavas cut for us. I can still remember our afternoon naps together, having ‘the talks’, and some times we catch ourselves doing silly things just the way she would and then realise that so much of mom indeed still lives on through us.


I may have only had my mother for 23 years of my life, but mom was always intentional about making happy memories, memories that are rich in love and life. Up till today I still remember how my siblings and I would scream when mum and dad played 'Bujang Senang', a crocodile game they invented with us after they get off work. The memories she left with us are enough and will continue to be my fuel. She has equipped me with everything I needed to know for life in the short 23 years she was my mother. She taught me to have courage, faith and hope even with its hard, to never question what I cannot control, and to make the best of what I can. Not forgetting her kind heart. Always putting others before herself, always ready to reach out to love, and always ready to choose peace. 


My mother believed in my siblings and I from day 1, told and showed us daily that she loved us and we never have to try to gain her approval and love because she will always love us no matter what. That truly gave us so much security and confidence growing up. When we could understand, she taught us to believe in ourselves, to know our worth, and never settle for anything less than we deserve. She taught us compassion, selflessness, and perseverance which was greatly reflected in how she lived her life. She gave all her battles her best fight, in the most gracious way I know. Mom always wanted to win. She never settled for defeat. Not even second place. My dad would tell us stories of how mum use to be a runner, and every time she came in second place, she would faint. But not when she wins.


If I can have one more moment with my mum, I would bargain for more because the truth is, there’s never a day that went by without me thinking of the many big moments that my mom would miss out on. I would want to have a mother to run to for relationship advices, I would want to have her on my wedding day, to be with me when I have my first child, to babysit my kids so my kids will know her personally and just to be able to call on her whenever I need to. But for now, the memories of her are enough and I am ever so grateful. 


For those of you who are lucky enough to still have your mom around, take her out on a date and make memories that you can look back on with no regrets. Show her you love her. If your mom has already gone like mine, celebrate her for the great things you remember her for with pride and gratitude. 

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