January 26, 2016

The BiG 10 Festival! Brunei! Looking back, it's crazy to think of how it actually only took us 2 days to say YES to it. Bought our flight tickets, booked our hotel, and in two weeks we were all packed and set to see Brunei for the first time. Couldn't even figure out what to expect. Didn't have the slightest clue that we were in for the best first time we've ever had! 


We had such a new, incredible, enpowering and inspiring experience with the festival. Such a treat for all our senses. A perfect sunny day at the park filled with so many shared high fives and smiles, good food, good music, and beautiful people dressed in awesome festival OOTDs. High spirits and insane vibes radiating everywhere. The best part was definitely having the chance to meet and talk to every single person that stopped by our booth. Met some of our instagram friends, and made new friends. So freaking cool. and we will never forget receiving so much food from so many random kind souls. So blessed. It's not every day we get to bump into so many people who would take the time to stop for us, hear about our story and in return, get to listen to everything they have to say. From the simple things like telling us how they love our products, to hearing of little stories from their day, their passions and what they do for a living. 


Such a pity we only stayed for 2 days. Already looking forward to our next visit to Brunei. Cheers to more weekends like these, and the precious friendships that will come with them.

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