February 2, 2016

About a month leading up to Valentine's Day, we got a few friends - Happy Stitches and SOOL Productions together and shared our heart to reintroduce love in its purest and simplest - that Valentines Day is really about love and so it should be relevant to all who love and are loved, and that includes the singles.


We designed a book of 14 simple yet intimate activities, challenges and tasks for pairs to complete together throughout 14 days. From counting shapes together, to having a movie night in, setting goals together, to opening up to share personal struggles and more, this activity book is designed to give you reasons to spend quality time together and in return, experience love, understanding and forgiveness.


You have the freedom to choose anyone to do it with. It can be a lover, friend, parent, grandparent, sibling, or even a stranger. This activity book will give you a chance to recreate your favourite memories as well as make new amazing ones, to push boundaries and reignite fresh excitements of your love.


This activity book comes with a hand-sewn PU passport holder by Happy Stitches and is sold in cream, maroon, beige and black. 


Available on www.flintandsteelborneo.com

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