November 6, 2015

If you are a planner-enthusiast like me, I'm sure you are familiar with the struggles of finding the ideal planner - one that is not only complete with everything necessary to ease planning and organising, but very importantly pleasing to the eye.


My quest for my dream planner is ever-ongoing but has been futile. Year in and year out. This year, Flint and Steel Borneo has stepped in and meticulously designed the dream planner we've all been wishing for. The Unfolding Planner makes planning, organising and keeping information so easy and effective with the yearly layouts, monthly layouts & weekly layouts, designated space to organize your top 10 lists and key contacts and blank pages to be freely utilised in your favour. 


If you're wondering if it's really worth the splurge and not just another marketing hype, read on. I am going to give you 5 facts of The Unfolding planner. Love it or not - It's your call. But I can promise there's no regretting this.


The Concept

The concept or character of the Unfolding planner is freedom. Unbound by time, this planner is undated. We chose the basic and classic white for the cover to harmonize with the whole concept of the planner - timeless and versatile. Also, it is matte-laminated so stains can be easily cleaned off with a damp cloth.

Monthly Layout

The monthly layouts will give you a gist of all that you have on your plate for the month at one glance. I will be filling this space with the more permanent things such as meeting dates, due dates, special occasions or holidays and will be referring to this when I make plans to avoid overlapping. 


Weekly Layouts

The weekly layouts gives you an up-close view of your week. It helps you break down your big stressful tasks into smaller, bite sizes. It helps you see and plan for the little details.

I usually fill in my weekly planners on a Sunday night so I start the week with a clear direction at the right pace. My productivity level has definitely increased ever since I got into the habit of working with a to-do list. 

I will be using this space to list down the most important tasks to the least important tasks as well as jot down reminders for casual dates/appointments and all the other randoms.


The first step to having a great year is to be organised, plan ahead and to have important information at your fingertips. 

The '10 things' page is there for you to pen down your top 10 lists. I am very excited about this one! Some of the lists that will be going down on my 10 things page would be my 2016 New Years' resolutions, workout routines, packing list and whatnots.

The 'Reasons to party' page is designed for you to plan ahead and keep track of all the key events at a years glance. Also, we allocated space for 15 contacts in the 'Contacts' section. 


Blank pages

I will be using this space to freely express myself, to create, to jot down the little random things, thoughts and reflections - in writing, creative writing, doodles or even paintings. With 120 gsm thick pages, there is no fear of bleeding.


Thank God for the Unfolding Planner. I am confident I will be taking it everywhere with me in 2016. Because why not?

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