Scent No. 1 - Pear, Freesia, Patchouli : A bouquet of delicate and subtle aroma from Freesia flowers complimented with the freshness of Williams Pear. The Patchouli gives a calm, mature and woody scent to the base note.

Scent No. 2 - Ambrette, Sea Salt, Wood Sage : The sensation of an English seaside calmness with the ait that's filled with luxury and salty mineral scent.

Scent No. 3 - Bergamot, Cedarwood, Vetiver : Fresh and luscious Lemon Citrus in the head note while releasing earthy and pure natural wood scent in the base note. Perfect for unwinding.

Scent No. 5 - Goji, Mango, Tarocco Orange : Sweet yet aptly from the Goji from Chinese mainland rounded out with Blood Orange from Mediterranean Island, Sicily. To compliment, Ripped Mango is added to the middle note.

Scent No. 8 - Bluebell, Persimmon : Essences of Bluebells and boast of Lilies followed by honey-like Persimmon scent that gives you a calming and relaxing sensation.


Ingredient : High quality soy wax with wood wick.

Size : 110g

Kandle Kandle | Scented Candle | Travel Size


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